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The Wardens’ Blog @ 18 March

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This week one of us attended the service that welcomed the new vicar to St Mary’s, West Horsley.  It was a great time of celebration. The Bishop was beaming and the Archdeacon energetic as he processed the new vicar around the church showing him the main door, the vicar’s stall, the font, the lectern and the communion table.  He does this not because he thinks the vicar isn’t bright enough to work out which is which (he is) but because of the importance of each in growing the church numerically and in godliness. 

The congregation looked delighted and the wardens relieved to see him take up his place in the vicar’s stall. The vicar got to choose his favourite hymns and a good time was had by all.

We look forward to a similar event in St Andrews, hopefully before the end of the year, and next week the PCC will meet and take one more step towards that happy occasion.

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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