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The Wardens’ Blog @ 10 Feb

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April 25 is an evening we are really looking forward to. It’s when Frances becomes our vicar.

We wardens can’t wait, but we are not able to manage on our own. We are not selfish when it comes to sharing out hard work. We ask every one of you to help in some way to make it a day to remember. We expect the church to be full of local leaders, clergy from the neighbouring parishes and a coach load from the Bristol area. We need to seat them and feed them as well as inspire them with a great inaugural service.

There are opportunities in setting up the church, managing the parking, preparing the Village Centre, catering and clearing up afterwards. Please let us know (or Sue or Rowena in the office), what you are willing to do to help welcome Frances and her husband, Jolyon, to St Andrew’s.

Roll on the end of April!

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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