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The Wardens’ Blog @ 10 March

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At this time of the year we take an inventory of all the possessions of the church. The silverware, the church furniture, the electronic equipment and just about everything else with, strangely enough, the exception of the spoons.

One thing that is very important to the church but which we have never seen is the electoral roll. We imagine it to be a parchment scroll beautifully inscribed with the names of those who are honoured to be on it. If you regularly worship in our church, have been baptised, are over sixteen years old and still alive (but not a ‘clerk in holy orders’) it ought to include your name.

Mike Shand who manages this for us can tell you if it does and find you a form if it doesn’t. If you do it before 19 March you will be entitled to vote at the APCM on 9 April. The first motion to be decided is whether or not you want to change the wardens. Now there’s a thought!
Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven


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