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The Wardens’ Blog @ 11 Nov

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Remember, remember; (it rhymes with November). 

There’s a lot of remembering this month. It begins with All Saints day when we remembered those who faithfully followed the Lord Jesus and died for doing so. Then with noisy fireworks (and petrified pets) we were reminded of a failed assassination attempt on the king, centuries ago.

On Remembrance Sunday the names of former Oxshott inhabitants (including Canadians) who died in the two world wars will be recited somberly in church and honoured at the cenotaph on the heath.

Every Sunday at St Andrew’s we keep a solemn yet joyful act of remembrance. At Holy Communion, we break bread and drink wine to remember that God loved us so much that he gave his only Son to die in our place that we might live with and for him now and forever. 

It’s the wardens’ responsibility to maintain these weekly communion services. We are grateful to Mary-Beth, our associate minister, and other local clergy for being able to do so during the vacancy.

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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