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The Warden’s Blog @ 13 April

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Moving chairs is part of the work of a warden. On Friday extra chairs were needed to seat everyone at a funeral. On Saturday a small circle in the Lady Chapel accommodated the prayer meeting.  These were then rearranged for the 8 o’clock service on Sunday.

At 9.30 the choir processed down the centre aisle followed by the Revd Andrew Winters, Chaplain of Reed’s School. An hour or so later the aisle disappeared as the seats were arranged for the 11.15 in which Andrew had the children running around the church to illustrate the importance of finding a safe place.

Afterwards, all the chairs went to the wall and brightly coloured squares covered the floor for babies to crawl and play safely at In Touch on Monday morning.

We are not rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We are accommodating all sorts in different ways to come to know and worship Jesus, the Saviour of the world. What a privilege!

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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