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The Wardens’ Blog @ 13 May

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In church last Sunday we learned that Peter, a fisherman was asked by Jesus, a carpenter, to become a shepherd. Peter’s flock would have two legs rather than four, for it would be the ‘flock of God’; in modern parlance, the local church.

The flock’s wellbeing is a good shepherd’s first priority. Feeding, caring for and guiding wisely are all part of the job description. As wardens, it’s ourresponsibility during the vacancy to ensure that the services on Sunday continue to nourish us spiritually.

We are grateful to our ministry team, our musicians, our choir, our lay assistants, lay participants, sidesmen & women, welcomers, children’s workers, coffee makers, flower arrangers, sound desk operators and everyone else who serves on Sundays. We greatly appreciate the visiting ministers who, like last Sunday’s David Bracewell, inspire us to pray that our new incumbent will be a true pastor of God’s flock.

Thank you all and keep on coming Sunday, by Sunday. We miss you when you’re not there!

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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