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The Wardens’ Blog @ 14 September

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‘Many are called but few are chosen’ is a verse in Matthew 22. It was the text given to a young curate to preach one winter in a country church without heating.  He misread it and preached on ‘Many are cold but few are frozen’.  Presumably encouraging the congregation to make the best of their discomfort.

Work in the boiler room starting at 6 every morning is going on all this week and next. By the end of the month none need suffer the cold in our church.

Some of you have been concerned about contributing towards the cost of the new boiler. With VAT the total is in the region of £18,000 and so specific gifts are most welcome.  They can be handed into the office in an envelope marked ‘Boiler’ or given to Carl.

Such gifts will help repair the dent this makes in our reserve funds. It will also mean our church will be all the warmer in its welcome to newcomers. And that’s what we all want; isn’t it?

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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