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The Wardens’ Blog @ 18 Nov

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What have you been doing this week? (We hear you cry.)

We raced to the Heath after Remembrance in church to find a parking place so we could start the cenatoph service on time. It was great to see more than 60 youngsters in uniform not to mention serving and ex-soldiers waiting for us.

Tuesday’s meetings included 2½ hours in the standing committee preparing for the PCC meeting next week, then prayers in the Lady Chapel for the shortlisting meeting for our next vicar. Light bulbs have been changed, a carpet chosen for the new vicar’s office, and boxes of a booklet entitled How to have a Happy Christmas for everyone in the parish were unpacked. Outside, in the garden of remembrance, a hole was dug in preparation for services today that honour the memory of a faithful member of our church.

We have not been idle and there’s much more to do in the run up to Christmas. We appreciate the help of so many of you in sharing our work. Please don’t stop!

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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