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The Wardens’ Blog @ 19 August

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In the coming week the warden team has its monthly meeting.  The agenda varies depending on what issues of management, maintenance or mission are most pressing, but item one on the agenda is always the same – prayer.

Why when much of our work is to apply common sense and call in the electrician or heating engineer or the rodder of drains? 

The Bible has many stories of God’s people getting it wrong when they didn’t think something was important enough to pray about. We want to learn from that. The ‘wardens’ appointed in Acts 6 had to be those ‘full of faith’ as well as able managers. Our faith in God grows as we pray. 

Praying regularly reminds us that we don’t always know best.  When it comes to finding the next vicar, our skills in recruitment, the delights of Oxshott and the strengths of our church are not enough. We need, humbly, to recognize that we need God’s help.

Prayer should always be first on the agenda.  And not only for wardens; the prayer meeting next Thursday evening is your opportunity to pray with us.

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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