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The Wardens’ Blog @ 2 Dec

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In church the new year began last Sunday; the First Sunday in Advent.  Advent is a variation of a Latin word meaning coming. We begin our liturgical new year by celebrating the coming of the Lord Jesus to Bethlehem in the past and by looking forward to his return in the future, to put the world to right.

There has been much coming and going in church this week.  Crocodiles of children from the Royal Kent and from Bevendean spent hours in church learning more about the gospel through the symbolism of Christingle.  MU enjoyed a festive lunch and would-be Vicars of Oxshott endured a ‘trial by quiche’ (a supper with members of the PCC as part of the interview process). We have moved a lot of chairs this week.

On Sunday we will make an announcement that will significantly shape our new church year. We can be glad that the season of Advent also reminds us that Jesus Christ comes to our church whenever we meet in his name.  St Andrew’s is his church therefore we can trust him, completely, for the year ahead.

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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