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The Wardens’ Blog @ 2 Sept

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I am sitting on the train with Jamie and Alistair coming back from snatching a couple of days at the farm in Scotland before term starts and thinking about the ‘to do’ list as term starts.  Most of my to do’s revolve around children in Oxshott, but there are probably at least a thirty people in St Andrew’s with equal lists, which cover all sorts of sections of our community – a testament to the range of activity which is about to re-start after the summer break. So my list:

  • Marianne Francis is getting the crèche going again- sign up for a slot, since with enough people that’s one every four months – manageable
  • Put the dates I am leading Climbers this term in the diary and speak to the friend who is interested in getting involved with Junior Church – that’s always welcome
  • With Mike, cover for Phillip and Norman on Sunday
  • Meet the project managers to look at the completed Front Entrance at Royal Kent (Hurray! Hurray! and Hallelujah!)
  • Make sure Jeff the barman at OVSC has been asked to do one of his legendary cricket teas for the Church vs. the Village match
  • Get ready for the new Diocese Director of Education’s visit to school next week.
  • Talk to House Group about what they would like to study this term
What’s on God’s work list for you this week?
Ruth Burns

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