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The Wardens’ Blog @ 22 Dec

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‘What a wonder: what a sight!’ was the theme of the Royal Kent School Christmas service this week. It was good to see every seat occupied, the youngest in front, seated on mats on the floor and proud parents standing at the back with smartphones at the ready. What a sight!

More children than ever have met in church this year for school services and special events. To hear them sing praises to Jesus at the top of their voices is a thrill. What a wonder!

Val’s play followed by Andrew & Josey’s crib service will continue to attract the children. We expect to see some excited young faces on Christmas morning when the Bishop of Dorking makes her debut in Oxshott. We’ll celebrate then the wonder of Almighty God entering our world as a vulnerable human baby. We pray that the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of each of us to see afresh or, perhaps for the first time, the Lord Jesus as my Saviour. That would be a wonderful (in)sight!

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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