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The Wardens’ Blog @ 23 Sept

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Harvest is always a happy time of the year at St Andrew’s. On Saturday evening there will be a merry feast for those who have toiled all week at the keyboards of their computers in the City or spare bedroom. There is also the Harvest Festival service the day after at 10 o’clock on 2 October.

Whatever work we do (or used to do) to earn an income, we can be just as grateful to God for it as those who used to plough the fields of Oxshott. We, like them, still bring fruit and vegetables to be shared with others in need.

Nowadays, produce that can be stored for later use is more useful than perishable items. The Food Bank asks for long-life milk, long-life juice or squash and tinned sponge puddings.  B@ttitude in Leatherhead give the occasional £10 Sainsbury or Tesco voucher to families they support.  If you wish, put a voucher in a sealed envelope addressed to B@ttitude and hand it into the office. We will take it to them. It’s a novel sort of harvest scattering!

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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