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The Wardens’ Blog @ 24 June

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As the ballot boxes closed last night for the Leave or Remain voting so too did the box in the diocesan office containing the applications for the new vicar of Oxshott.

The turnout was good and on Monday the bishop, archdeacon, area dean and parish representatives will work through them to produce a shortlist to interview in July. For the applicants the thought of leaving and not remaining in their existing churches is very sensitive and so we must treat all applications in strict confidence.

Although we cannot tell you about them it doesn’t stop you from talking directly to the One who knows them all and is able to answer our prayers.  We pray for the one who will best help us to faithfully follow the Lord Jesus and encourage many others in Oxshott to find and trust Him too.

Do join us, if you can, on Monday 27 June at 2 pm in the Lady Chapel to pray for, and with us before we go to the meeting with the Bishop.

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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