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The Wardens’ Blog @ 27 Jan

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The week started well with good attendance at both morning services for David Bracewell’s final talk in the mini-series of Jonah the reluctant missionary.

On Sunday evening 85 people came to hear Alan Hulme’s presentation — Be prepared to give an answer.  Recent research has shown that although many today in Britain would not call themselves a Christian, 67% say that they know at least one who would and, overwhelmingly, the majority have a good opinion of them.  We are generally respected for integrity and liked for being kind and helpful.

This was said not to make us feel smug but to encourage us to share our faith story sensitively, knowing we are likely to be listened to seriously.  We were challenged to pray daily for a few close friends, colleagues or neighbours who do not know who the Lord Jesus is or of his love for them and to be better prepared to give an answer when the occasion arises. We don’t want to be a Jonah – reluctant to share the good news!

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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