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The Wardens’ Blog @ 27 May

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A ‘visitation of churchwardens’ in a mediaeval church was an unlikely highlight of your wardens’ week.

It sounds like a job for Rentokil but it’s not. It’s an annual event when churchwardens in the diocese of Guildford reaffirm their vows to serve the members of their churches with love and care. We did so gladly and treated ourselves to a modest orange juice after the service. We tried not to look too shocked by those from less abstemious parishes who were into the wine that freely flowed. You can be proud of us.

Archdeacon Paul Brier pulled no punches when he urged us as wardens to make church growth our priority. Recent research conducted among non-Christian, English adults reveals that 67% personally know a practising Christian and like and respect them. Knowing this, he encourages us to talk about the Lord Jesus more freely to our non-Christian friends and neighbours and invite them to a service that they might enjoy.

With the 90th birthday of the Queen still very much in the news, will you think of who you will invite to our special services on 12 June?  There are invitations for you to use in the church vestibule. 

There’s no time like the present.

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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