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The Wardens’ Blog @ 29 July

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What a month it has been in the news! So many random acts of violence and terror. In our monthly wardens’ meeting yesterday our routine Health & Safety review included timely and sobering advice from the diocese entitled ‘Security in our churches: responding to St-Etienne-du-Rouvray’. The place where a simple mid-week communion service became a war zone this week.

It prompts one to listen again to the sermon Richard Bewes preached two weeks ago. It will remind us that the Lord Jesus Christ has won the victory over evil on the cross. Therefore we should not be too daunted or surprised with the evils of today but remember that we are part of a kingdom that will triumph over evil.

Our monthly prayer meeting last night focused on those across the world suffering in so many ways and for those who have the opportunity to make a difference for good. Can I, will I, make a difference for good in the world today? Can you? Will you?

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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