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The Wardens’ Blog @ 30 June

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“Everywhere St Paul went there was a riot. Wherever I go they serve tea!”

So declared one bishop many years ago.  Our bishop was the one serving tea last Monday as we met to review the applications for our new vicar. 

The riots that accompanied St Paul came from opposition to the message he preached.  A message that declared Jesus of Nazareth to be God’s Son, nailed to a cross in Jerusalem and raised from the dead to reign as God’s king in a world that hated him.

The world is changing, not only for us in the past seven days, but in its growing intolerance of Christian teaching.  Our new incumbent will need courage to stand up for Jesus and his teaching and so will we, if the trend continues.

Bishop Andrew, who is our patron, is strongly committed to mission. We value his wisdom, his love for the gospel and his prayers in the selection of our new vicar.

(He also has a daughter who makes the most delicious lemon drizzle cake.)

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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