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The Wardens’ Blog @ 6 Oct

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It will be sad to say goodbye, in just over a week’s time, to Tamar who has been our Administrative Assistant in the church office for just over three years. Having moved out of the area, the commute no longer makes sense.

We really appreciate her friends from Coffee Corner who have gone out of their way to bring her to work in recent months. And we appreciate all that Tamar has been doing for us to keep the show on the road.

Nature abhors a vacancy and so do we when it comes to the office. We are praying that we will find someone who enjoys meeting people and has Microsoft Office skills. It’s 12 hours a week spread over several days including Mondays. Please join us in our prayers and, if you think you might be the answer, let us know. We should love to tell you more about it.

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven

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