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The Wardens’ Blog @ 8 Sept

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I was reminded this week that God can work through us even when there is no mention of scripture involved. The outworking of God’s mission does require us to be present in the community and prepared to talk to people though.

Coffee Corner is an institution none of us would be without, even though it sometimes seems a challenge to keep it open. Had it not been there this week, a young mother wrangling with how to tell her 6 and 8 year old daughters that she had to ask the vet to put down their beloved pet rabbit would not have had the listening ear and the gentle scripture-grounded advice of four more experienced mothers who happened to be at the counter to calm her.

UI am charged with writing the terms of reference for the new Community Committee this week and it seems to me that seeking to engage with all the people of Oxshott in their wonderful variety must be at the core. It is only by being alongside people in the smaller challenges of life that we gain the opportunity to bring the ultimate good news of Jesus into their lives.

Ruth Burns

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