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The Wardens’ Blog @ 3 June

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This week the main road through the village was dug up, flash floods caused a cascade of water to flow into the meeting room and a combination of understandable but unexpected circumstances meant our administrative staff were absent from the office. So just an ordinary week then.

We are blessed with so much goodwill here at St Andrews. Volunteers cheerfully appear and things get done.  Josey, who should have enjoyed a quieter week during half-term, has been amazing.  On Saturday morning the first working party will prepare the vicarage for re-decorating and, hopefully, our new vicar will be reading our second advertisement in this week’s Church Times over breakfast.  We hope [s]he likes brilliant white ceilings and magnolia walls because that’s what the Diocese prescribes for vicarages.  (We don’t mention that in the advertisement).  

If you would like the fun of being part of another Vicarage Working Party, on a later date, please sign up to the form in the vestibule or let one of us know.

Phillip Herbert & Norman Steven 

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