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Easter Workshops

Over two days at the end of March, around 200 children from RKS came into church, a class at a time, and experienced 6 different stations about the Easter Story, from Palm Sunday through to the Resurrection. Each station was led by a volunteer from the church and had a different focus of the Easter story.

Hopes and Dreams

This station related to Palm Sunday. The children were told about people welcoming Jesus, full of expectations. The children were asked to think about their hopes and dreams for the future and write them on to a stone. They then walked up the ‘road’ and placed their stones at the foot of the cross.

Servant King

This station was all about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. The children thought about how Jesus set the example of serving others. They were asked to dip their finger in water and make a sign of the cross as they prayed about how they could serve others.

Remember Me

This station related to the Last Supper. Here the children thought about any special objects they have that help them remember things, and how Christians use bread and wine to remember the last supper. We then shared bread and, as they ate, the children thought about something they remember about Jesus.


This station was about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. The children were told how the disciples were asleep when Jesus had asked them to keep watch, and that, although Jesus was alone, he trusted God. The children were given plasticine to make a small model of a time they felt alone or afraid.

Sharing our sorrows

This station was the death of Jesus on the cross. The children heard part of the story of Good Friday and were told that Christians see the cross as a reminder of Jesus’ death, but also a sign of hope for anyone who is suffering. Each child held the end of a ribbon attached to the cross and they were asked to pray for people they know, or situations in the world, where people are suffering.


This station was the celebration of Jesus coming to life again. The children heard how it was angels who first told the shepherds of Jesus’ birth, and it was angels again who announced that Jesus was alive. The children then looked inside the empty tomb and wrote words of how the women would have felt that first Easter Day.

The children were given small chocolate eggs to remind them of the New Life that Easter brings, and the new life that we can have with Jesus. The children also did some colouring, which was made into a book for each class to have their own Easter Story Book.

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