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From Attitude to Gratitude

Early on a fine Saturday morning in mid October, fifty assorted Surrey ladies gathered together in a local hostelry to enjoy a delicious breakfast prelude to our Speaker’s address. We had come to hear the background to Jenny Moore’s moving inspiration behind the birth of her charitable enterprise ‘B@titude’.

Jenny explained that throughout her childhood she had missed the encouragement and praise for personal achievements that families normally give to youngsters and which help to build their confidence. Nevertheless, she still felt wanted and loved. It was in later years that she became aware that God had entered her life and that He would be the strength supporting her through life’s challenges.

In due course, Jenny was fortunate enough to marry and have four children. She and a group of like-minded friends would meet each week over tea and cake to discuss matters of common interest – in particular how they might help others less fortunate in their community. When a suitable retail property became available to rent, Jenny recognised an opportunity and with her friends – plus the support of the local Council – took it over to create ‘B@titude’.

From those earliest days, the shop has responded to the needs of others not just in material terms but, perhaps more importantly, in providing a confidential and sympathetic environment for airing individuals’ more fundamental concerns.

Nicola Hunter

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