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Harvest Supper – a real celebration


Parish-Mag-article_html_m20It was a real privilege for Friday Morning Group to organise and host the first Harvest Supper to take place in the newly re-ordered church. When we agreed to take it on, we had no idea how many tickets we would sell, nor how many people would fit into the space. When it came to it, we sold exactly 100 tickets and exactly 100 people could be comfortably seated on the new chairs at long tables running from east to west across the nave.

It was so good to see people from all parts of the church coming together as one big church family to celebrate God’s harvest in God’s house. The supper was a ‘Ploughman’s Feast’ – cheese, home cooked gammon, pork pies, fruit and home made chutneys, followed by apple pie and clotted cream. Based on the number of second visits to the buffet table, everyone seemed to enjoy the food and, based on the level of laughter and conversation, everyone seemed to enjoy the fellowship.

There are a number of people we would like to thank: Andrew Burns and Gloria Smith who brilliantly entertained us with a couple of amusing sketches between courses, with Mo Carruthers making a guest appearance; three of our Junior Church members – Sandy Zabari, Parish-Mag-article_html_m78Jamie Burns and Tom Da Gama – who read harvest poems; Nicki Orlebar, who led our singing at the start of the evening and again at the end; Jill Levitton and her team for the beautiful harvest displays. We would also like to thank all of our guests for your help at the end of the evening, transforming the nave from ‘Harvest Supper venue’ back to ‘Church’, ready for services the next morning. It was incredible to see everyone working together and the whole job was done in less than 15 minutes!

We would especially like to thank Jeremy for letting us use the church for this special occasion. It is so inspiring to think of the many ways we can use the new church to praise God, and this was certainly an evening full of praise and celebration of God’s harvest.

Friday Morning Group

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