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MUCCC – What’s that all about?

You might have noticed MUCCC occurring on the church calendar, at 10am, on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Is it a cross between Jose Mourhino’s football team and a sports clothes manufacturer? No. Mother’s Union Communion Coffee and Chat is a new initiative started in 2017.  We attend the Holy Communion service at 10am, followed by an enjoyable coffee, cake and chat in the bustling, open and non-threatening environment of the vestibule.

This is not for gossip, nor for idle chat about the weather. In groups of six to eight people, we gather together to answer some meaty questions, provided on an app called ‘Table Talk’.

Structured around six big topics, we are given the opportunity to explore, to articulate our thoughts and to engage with the opinion of others. We usually discuss one topic per session (for Easter the topics are hope, evil, forgiveness, death, justice, suffering). There are 16 questions per topic, for example:

  • Is selfishness wrong?
  • Does some level of evil exist in each of us?
  • Are people always responsible for their own actions?

We follow some basic rules, respecting each other’s viewpoint and trying to fully understand a person’s opinion before expressing our own.

These MUCCC discussions are open to all those with an inquiring mind. It is for men and women.  Non MU members are welcome. The session finishes as the pre-schoolers are collected, and folk of the parish arrive for lunch club, just after 12 noon.

Why not join us on April 26 for our next MUCCC? You could discover a new dimension in yourself and in the people you thought you knew, then perhaps acquaintances can develop into friendships as you get to know your neighbour. You are very welcome to come along and join us.

Jane Endean

Oxshott Mothers’ Union Branch Leader

Future meetings (the 4th Wednesday of the month):

  • 26 April
  • 24 May
  • 28 June (if MU outing does not take place)
  • 26 July
  • 27 September 

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