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What can you hear? – Diocesan Communications Consultation Survey

Make your voice heard at:

Communications: it’s a broad term which encompasses far more than websites, newspapers, social media, press statements and so forth. However, the Diocese of Guildford spends a certain amount of our budget each year on these things because of a time-evolved understanding of the importance of messages being heard and acted upon. To make sure they get this right, they are undergoing a major review of their communications services in line with the overall diocesan strategy process. This will include assessment of channels such as the diocesan website, ‘The Wey’ newspaper, social media, Grapevine and the support parishes receive as well as other areas. They want to know your views on what they are doing right or wrong. What should they resource more, and what should they resource less?

They want to hear from EVERYONE, so please take five minutes to make your voice heard. They are giving away a £30 book voucher, and some excellent books as an incentive! Closes Friday 8th July

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