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Children & Young People

Children & young peopleFrom babies to teenagers – all are very welcome

St Andrew’s runs a busy programme of child-friendly worship, clubs and events – headed up by Youth and Children’s Pastor, Josey Wisdom, with a team of helpers and experienced leaders.

Young people are a big part of what happens at St Andrew’s

Not only as they represent the future, but also as individuals and a group, they are a great asset to the church, always helping and participating. The aim is to give them a good grounding in their beliefs as they are encouraged on their journey of faith and explore for themselves what Christianity is.

The 2017 activities are well under way

What’s not to like – lots of games, BBQs, walks, adventures, friends, socialising and of course plenty of bible study about Jesus and our faith every day! Whatever the season, week day or week-end, term time or school holidays – there is something happening at St Andrew’s:


Josey Wisdom


Josey Wisdom joined St Andrew’s in 2009 as Youth and Children’s Pastor. She previously worked for Connexions, the organisation helping young people with careers advice. 


Josey Wisdom
Ruth Burns