Welcome to St Andrew’s Oxshott

Revd Frances Trickey
Dear Friends,
One verse from the letter Paul wrote to the new Christian church in Rome has been constantly in my mind over the past few days and I share it with you here:

‘Let hope keep you joyful; in trouble, stand firm; persist in prayer.’
  (Romans 12:12)
God, our heavenly Father, knows the end from the beginning. He knows how this virus will affect each of us and He is there to walk this path with us, giving us courage, hope and peace.


25 March Update

St Andrew’s church buildings are now closed. See building closure notice for more details.

Consequently, we are no longer able to accept Food Bank donations at church. However, we strongly encourage you to continue to support the Food Bank with your donations. See Cobham Food Bank for more details of how to donate.

20 March Update

On 17 March, we received the instruction from the Archbishops to suspend all church services. This means that, for the foreseeable future, no services will be held at St Andrew’s in Oxshott.

Since then, I have been very grateful to key members of the church community for their guidance and help in creating a host of different responses, which are detailed in the attached letter.

In summary, we are offering:

We trust that you will find these helpful over the next few weeks.


Revd Frances Trickey

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