Building Your Church

Good News for St Andrew’s and Oxshott!

Following the successful updating of the worship space (Phase 1) in 2014, we are excited to be launching Phase 2, the project to replace the tired ancillary buildings that wrap around the west and north sides of the church.

Our Vision for St Andrew’s is all about people growing and serving together, and Phase 2 of the ‘Building Your Church’ (BYC) project aims to provide open, accessible, flexible spaces of the right size, style and longevity to achieve this vision, while also recognising future church and community needs.

We encourage you to watch the BYC video (below) and send us your feedback. These are not the finished plans and so we welcome your comments, not only your thoughts about the overall size, shape, look and layout of the building itself but, more importantly, how we can use the new facilities to grow and serve together as the whole community of Oxshott.

You will find more details about different aspects of the project in the documents listed below the video.

Fundraising continues for Phase 2 and we are very grateful for your generosity in the regular and one-off donations being made. If you would like to donate to the BYC project please contact the fundraising team. You can also add your support to the YourFundSurrey map.

A message from our vicar, Frances

Revd Frances Trickey

Building Your Church has two meanings: first, it’s what God is doing in Oxshott – and that’s what we’re joining in with here at St Andrew’s. Second, BYC means creating better buildings for the ministries to which we believe God is calling us. That means buildings that will ‘enable’ – enable community; enable people to come; enable people to serve and to be served.

In addition to this vision, we have 1970s buildings which desperately need to be replaced. Many of you know that Phase One resulted in the refurbishment of our sacred space in 2014, and now we’re at Phase Two, and these buildings that have served us well for 50 years badly need to be replaced – they fail all measures of success in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation etc. So this is a challenge for our generation, and the question is, “Do we have the faith to step up to this?” An enormous amount of work has been carried out already, both on Phase One and in preparation for this BYC video presentation – I hope you will find it exciting and illuminating.

Additional background information about the BYC project