Building Your Church

Good News for St Andrew’s and Oxshott!

2014 saw the successful and beautiful updating of the worship space, and this year we have started the process of updating the tired ancillary facilities.

Now that the new Vision for St Andrew’s is known, we can be more sure that the new buildings around the church will provide the right size, style and longevity to meet future church and community needs.

Fundraising continues for this project and we are very grateful for the regular and one-off donations being made, which will enable us to start development once plans are approved. If you would like to donate to the buildings project please contact Chris Banks at

In the meantime, St Andrew’s continues to serve not only as a church, but also as a centre offering activities for babies and pre-school age children, lunches for the elderly, Coffee Corner, and clubs ranging from dance classes to choral society.


Watch a short video showing how the worship space was reordered: