Parochial Church Council

Supporting the parish

The PCC – or Parochial Church Council – is an official elected group of local people who share leadership and responsibility for the parish with the vicar. With mutual support, understanding, and openly discussing ideas and plans, shared decisions are made on the church’s mission.

The PCC meets five times a year, and members usually sit on the council for three years. If you are interested in standing for election next year, application forms are available from the parish office before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which is held on Palm Sunday.

Dates of forthcoming PCC meetings

Tue 21 Jul at 7.45pm
Tue 22 Sep at 7.45pm
Tue 13 Oct at 7.45pm
Tue 17 Nov at 7.45pm
Tue 26 Jan 2021 at 7.45pm
Tue 9 Mar 2021 at 7.45pm



PCC Members

  • David Crouch (Ministry Team)
  • Patrick Fleming
  • Nicki Galazka
  • Richard Green (Churchwarden, Standing Committee)
  • Chris Hampson
  • Karen Henshall
  • Brenda Hum
  • Carl Jackson (Treasurer, Standing Committee)
  • Anna Jarrett (Safeguarding Officer – co-opted)
  • Claire King
  • Rebecca Mayhew (Deanery Synod)
  • Jill Mengham (Ministry Team)
  • Mike Newman (Assistant Churchwarden)
  • Jill Perrett (Deanery Synod)
  • Gordon Scott
  • Mike Shand
  • Norman Steven (Churchwarden, Standing Committee)
  • Revd Frances Trickey (Incumbent)
  • Revd Jolyon Trickey (Associate Minister)

Contact: PCC Secretary, Sue Procter  01372 842071

More photos coming soon.