Outward Giving

Essential support for communities

Mission montage of facesGiving support to local, national and international charities is an essential part of St Andrew’s mission.

Mission partners

St Andrew’s supports a number of families in the mission field. Martin & Catherine Hickey (with Interserve) are back in the UK after their time in Nepal and India. Simon and Laura Walton and family (with CMS) are in Tanzania. Dean and Paula Finnie and their two sons have set up their mission in the SW Cape in South Africa. Regular newsletters from each of our mission partners advise of prayer requests, and bring updates on projects helped by St Andrew’s funding.

Photos of our mission partners
Martin & Catherine Hickey (left), the Finnie family (centre) and Simon Walton (right)

Supported causes

Below are some of the charities and projects supported by St Andrew’s with links to their websites. The weekly news sheet provides the congregation with regular news updates.

mission montage 2

  • B@ttitude: founded in Leatherhead by Jenny Moore, helping disadvantaged local families, through the provision of children’s clothing and counselling.
  • Cobham Area Food Bank: emergency food for local people in crisis.
  • Inspire London: a fledgling church in the Clerkenwell area of London, started and led by Mark Jackson and Pete Nicholas.
  • Treasures in Heaven: the ministry of Max & Sue Sinclair.
  • St Andrew’s Pre-School: an Ofsted registered group using the church hall, facilities and enclosed garden.

Syrian Refugees

  • Embrace the Middle East: tackling poverty and injustice in the Middle East.
  • Barnabas Fund: supporting displaced and persecuted Christians.
  • Novi Most International: pioneering youth work in Bosnia Herzegovina.
  • CMS: helping our mission partners to change lives through the Church Missionary Society.
  • Interserve: supporting our mission partners to use their skills and passion to bring lasting change.

Together, we can make a difference….