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Information about Life Groups, 20 March

Many of us will miss the fellowship of meeting together, especially in these rather worrying times.  At St Andrew’s, we have focused fellowship beyond the church building in ‘Life Groups’, who meet regularly in someone’s home to share coffee, bible-study, prayer and whatever is happening in our lives.

Whilst we cannot meet physically, several of our Life Groups have found that it is possible to enjoy a sense of community meeting ‘virtually’, and we are encouraging every Life Group to ‘meet’ in this way if possible.

Those who are not yet members of such a group who would like to join one (even on a temporary basis) should see this invitation from Patrick Fleming, or ask a friend which one they belong to. It is so important to be in touch with others at this time, to receive support of any kind.

September 2019 saw the launch of Life Groups at St Andrew’s, where people meet each week in groups of 10–12 in different homes around the village, to socialise, pray together and study the Bible. It is also intended that members of Life Groups will support each other and their local community in practical ways whenever help is needed

This is an exciting initiative and an important one – not only because Life Groups are a vehicle for supporting and serving each other and our wider community, but also because, through them, we will grow in faith, both as individuals and as a community of followers of Jesus Christ.

The process of creating Life Groups is evolutionary rather than revolutionary, with some of the existing Home Groups simply changing their name. For some, this has been a completely new experience, but eventually, we would very much like all who worship at St Andrew’s to be part of a Life Group, so that we can share in fellowship, prayer, teaching, learning, service and social activities.

Many of you received an invitation to complete a questionnaire to help us understand more about your needs, wishes and availability. If you are not on the St Andrew’s electoral roll and would like to participate in a Life Group please contact Patrick Fleming

A social gathering of Friday Morning Group, who have been meeting together weekly for 20 years!