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Peace and Power

7 April, 2024
Andy Winter, chaplain of Reed's School, looks at the evidence for the resurection presented in John's gospel and show how import this is for our faith.

Jesus is risen!

31 March, 2024
On Easter Sunday Patrick speaks about new growth.

Palm Sunday

24 March, 2024
On Palm Sunday, Patrick looks at Jesus sending the disciples to fetch a donkey on which he can ride into Jerusalem. He looks at it from the point of view…


17 March, 2024
Patrick Fleming encourages us to listen to God and gives some guidance about how and why we should do it.


10 March, 2024
'Prayer is not asking, it is putting ouselves into the hands of God.' Contemplation is about finding rest in God's presence. It's a 'being' prayer, rather than a 'doing' prayer'.

The armour of God

3 March, 2024
Steph and Patrick talk about the importance of putting on the WHOLE armour of God through prayer.

Safeguarding Sunday

25 February, 2024
Tori shows how the story of Joseph in Genesis can teach us a lot about safeguarding issues today.

Unanswered prayer

18 February, 2024
Whay does it appear that our prayers are not answered. Patrick offers some suggestions that help to explain what is going on.
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