Mission Partnering

St Andrew’s seeks to apply its vision of being ‘followers of Jesus Christ by growing in faith, growing in number and serving the community’, beyond the confines of its parish boundaries. To this end it fosters mission partnerships with people and projects which share that vision, whether they be local, national or in a faraway land. By developing personal contact with such partners, it is hoped that both they and St Andrew’s gain an enrichment of faith in the Lord. One tenth of the core income of St Andrew’s is given to its mission partners.

Mission partners

The Finnie family

Dean and Paula Finnie and their two sons have set up their mission, ‘The Gathering‘,  near CapeTown, South Africa. They do church, soup kitchens, homework club and Christmas meals, to name a few of their projects through which they seek to reach out to the community for Jesus.

Read their latest newsletter.

B@titude: founded in Leatherhead by Jenny Moore, helping disadvantaged local families, through the provision of children’s clothing and counselling.

Cobham Area Foodbank: emergency food for local people in crisis.

Embrace the Middle East: tackling poverty and injustice in the Middle East.

Garden Route Children’s Trust: providing meals to schoolchildren in South Africa who would otherwise go without.

Tanka Subedi: who oversees the development of theological courses for local church, group-based discipleship training by extension in Nepal, and works for religious freedom in that country.

OTS and Sialkot Diocese, Pakistan: working with the Open Theological Seminary in Lahore to encourage lay training and discipleship in Bishop Alwin’s Diocese of Sialkot (part of a growing Guildford Diocese link).