‘Christingle’ – Seeing the love of Christ

Sunday 2 December was a very special morning at St Andrew’s Oxshott. Firstly, it was the first Sunday of Advent, and we lit the first of 5 Advent candles to prepare ourselves for the birth of God’s son. (There are 4 Sundays in December and the 5th candle is lit on Christmas morning)

The second reason it was so special was because the church was PACKED with young families, all making their own Christingles piece by piece, while Frances explained what each piece means (you can listen to her explanation here)

Thirdly, it was a wonderful celebration of the love and support that exists in our local community. This is a very difficult time for our young preschool families, and, as a church, we want them all to know that St Andrew’s is their home in the heart of their village. As such, Frances has written a letter to pre-school parents to offer our continued support, and to reassure them that there is always a warm and joyful welcome for them here.

Finally, it was the 50th anniversary since The Children’s Society held its first Christingle service in the UK. The Children’s Society is a national charity that works with the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people. Their philosophy is: “We listen. We support. We act. Because no child should feel alone”, and St Andrew’s had a special collection at all services that morning to support their important and valuable work.

Jill Mengham