Christmas Shoebox Appeal

NOW is the time to be collecting, buying and filling shoeboxes, for distribution to both needy families and the elderly, through the Link to Hope charity. Shoeboxes need to be completed by Sunday 27 October. 

A large labelled box will be in the vestibule/back of the church from Sunday 25 August, awaiting the donations items listed overleaf and shoeboxes themselves, preferably wrapped or with wrapping paper. Cheques or cash should be taken to the office or handed to me.

Family ShoeboxesFamily Shoeboxes of gifts are given to families who often have to make a choice between buying food or fuel at Christmas time – buying presents is just not a priority. Many of these families do not have running water, heating or electricity. Some live in appalling conditions, often living in just one or two rooms, and life for them is a real struggle to survive.  A shoebox for a family means that everyone receives a gift.  A scarf for the mum; a tape measure for the dad; toys and games for the children as well as stationery and coloured pens; toiletries, toothpaste, shampoo and soap to keep everyone clean and free from the germs that make them ill. And of course, sweets and chocolates for everyone.

Due to the number of elderly people that are now being left alone owing to their families leaving to work away, there is a need for Elderly Shoeboxes. The boxes are similar but children’s items are replaced with a wind-up torch, sensory items, candle and holder etc.

What to do next?

If you would like to complete a whole box yourself, thank you! Please download and print a leaflet or ask me for one.  If you would like to contribute money, so we can bulk order these items, please make cheques payable to St Andrew Church Oxshott. Every single box requires £3 in coins. This covers emergency work at the point of delivery. Please add this amount to your donations.

Thank you very much, and Happy Collecting!

Jane Endean