Commitment Sunday

St Andrew’s Day, 28 November, is also ‘Commitment Sunday’ when members of the church family review their commitment to God’s work – a commitment expressed through prayer and the giving of our time and skills, but also importantly through the giving of our money. This is because, as followers of Jesus, we believe that everything we have is given to us by God, and we are simply offering back to him what is rightly his.

We hope that you will join us in church to celebrate the real joy of giving.

The Parish Giving Committee have produced a leaflet designed to help us all prepare for Commitment Sunday:

Please download and, if possible, print the Giving Pledge Leaflet.

You will see that the leaflet falls into two parts. The first is a more general (and entirely personal) response to the recent teaching series entitled ‘Whole Life Stewardship’. There are details on the form as to how to find the talks or study materials you might have missed as you may need these to inform your responses.

The second part concerns our financial stewardship to the local church family of which we are part by God’s grace. Please read and complete the forms prayerfully and carefully. If you need any help at all, please contact the office staff. This section of the form needs to be returned in a sealed envelope, please, and will only be seen by our experienced Parish Funding Administrator.

Please do all you can to respond to these opportunities by 28 November – or as soon as possible thereafter. Thank you.