Crib Service 2016 — ‘The Greatest Story in History’

The St Andrew’s Crib Service made for a fun-filled retelling of the nativity story as the church was packed like never before with over 450 children, parents, families and friends crammed into every nook and cranny.  Next year we will definitely need a bigger church…

Just look around!

Josey and Andrew opened in complete darkness starting at Genesis when God said “Let there be light” and the ‘Big Bang’ exploded on the screen and all the children activated their glow sticks. 

The fantastic puppet choir was a huge hit as they sang ‘For Unto Us’.  Then Mary and Joseph arrived with a big surprise.  A real pony joined them up the aisle to oohs and ahs from all the small children.  We must thank the Shetland Pony Club on Stoke Road who brought the delightful and immaculately behaved ‘Cupcake’ to share in our Christmas festivities.

The true Christmas story was retold in our unique style with carols, crib figures, children reading beautifully and interruptions from crazy characters including a particularly rude Roman, insolent innkeepers and two smelly shepherds exchanging some of the worst puns ever.  And well done to those who found the lost gifts of the wise men, hidden around the church.  The offering at the end for the charity Crisis and St Andrew’s was terrifically generous, with over £1,000 raised!

Many thanks to all who took part and who came, but especially to our forthcoming new vicar, Revd Frances Trickey, who sportingly took a phone call from us all during the middle of the service so that 450 people could send her a musical Christmas greeting!  Listen to it here…


See you all next year (but come early!).