‘Croissants and Commitment Sunday’

Sunday 26 November was ‘Croissants and Commitment Sunday’ at St Andrew’s. Not only was this an opportunity to enjoy breakfast with friends between the services, it was also the culmination of the ‘Giving for Life’ sermon series, when new commitments of time, talents and money were made to God. How appropriate that it was also St Andrew’s Day, the Saint after whom our church is named, and one of the fisherman who committed his life to following Jesus. And how appropriate that Josey was officially licensed as Children’s and Youth Worker, recognising her own commitment to the young people of our parish.

The ‘Giving for Life’ sermons in October and November have encouraged each of us to reflect on our own individual commitment to God and to his people. Frances summarised the series by looking at commitment from 3 different angles:

  • God’s commitment to us
  • Our commitment to God, which flows from his commitment to us
  • God’s commitment to all those who live in Oxshott, not just those who attend St Andrew’s

Frances concluded that God calls us to be committed to him with our whole lives, and we demonstrate this by committing our time, our talents and our money to God here in the local church of St Andrew’s. The challenge was laid down for us – how far will each of us commit ourselves to God today? Listen to the full sermon here.

But it’s not only today that we are encouraged to make a commitment to God and to his local church. Over the last few months, the Parish Giving Committee has been revising the Legacy Policy in line with guidance provided by the Church of England. This asks people to consider making ‘A Lasting Gift’ in their will, which can make a real difference to St Andrew’s, both now and for generations to come. 2017 Legacy Leaflet