Easter at Piccadilly Circus!

What a week Holy Week was at St Andrew’s! From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday there were activities and services each day, enabling us to remember, reflect on and celebrate the journey Jesus made in the week that culminated in his death and resurrection.

And the flexible church space lent itself beautifully to a range of different service styles and moods, from quiet reflections in the round from Monday to Thursday evenings, to a dramatic portrayal of ‘Witness at the Cross’ on Good Friday, to a lively ‘Family Praise’ celebration on Easter Sunday.

But it was the number of people who came that made the week so special, all wanting to join this time of reflection and celebration, and culminating in a jam-packed church and vestibule on Easter Sunday, as one service ended and the next service began. Someone commented that it was like Piccadilly Circus – in a good way – seeing so many people there all at the same time, and there really was a sense of excitement, hustle and bustle.

Some people asked why the services were earlier and so close together – this was so that attendees from all 3 regular Sunday services could come to church and still have plenty of time for family lunchtime gatherings to celebrate the most important day in the Christian calendar.

And on this particular point, Jolyon reminded us in his sermon on 8 April that Easter Sunday is far more that just one day of celebration. For Christians, it is a lifetime of celebration that amazingly and gloriously started on that day.