families@4 with pizza!

“The others are going to so regret they missed this!”

That was perhaps the most encouraging quote overheard from one of the children as they left the first of our new Saturday afternoon gatherings, families@4, on 5 October. The church was set out in a cafe style and we were blessed with 22 children and 12 adults – so it looked full and certainly sounded full!

The theme was ‘The Lost Sheep‘ and after an inspired technical ‘voiceover’ Bible reading with cartoon images on the big screen, the children quickly volunteered to act as the flock of sheep in the drama that followed. When the shepherd found his lost sheep, he threw a party and everyone celebrated with party poppers.

A short talk and some related craft work added to an exciting afternoon, but more was to come with the arrival of 24 Dominos pizzas – all devoured with great gusto.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to our next families@4 gathering on Saturday 23 November – including those who regret missing this one!