The first of our new Saturday gatherings for 2020 took place at the end of January and was a great success. We were blessed with 50 attendees, seated around cafe style tables, and the children enthusiastically led the singing, simultaneously doing the actions to very speedy music, a real gift!
The theme was ‘The Big Spender’ perhaps more commonly known as The Prodigal Son and, after an animated video presentation, the children quickly volunteered to act as the herd of pigs in the drama with two taking on the lead roles as the brothers in the story.
A short talk and quiz reinforced the message of this well-known bible parable, and the craft work – drawing God’s arms to wrap around us – helped build up an appetite in time for the arrival of Dominos pizzas! We had ordered 20 and, unlike the biblical feeding of the 5000, there were no crumbs left at the end!!
This new venture has got off to an encouraging start and all those who come to volunteer have found it to be a wonderful blessing from God. We now need to pray for March 28th and May 16th, the dates of our next gatherings and encourage more and more Oxshott families to join us and put these dates in their dairies.

Ron Stewart