Kids, Youth and Designer Labels!

1 April (no joke!) saw the launch of our new children’s and youth groups at St Andrew’s. These groups recognise the continuing importance of teaching and friendship for our young people as they grow up through school and through life, while the introduction of brand names and logos for each of the groups recognises the importance of giving our young people a sense of identity and unity.

StAks is the new overall name for our 4-11 groups that meet on Sundays from 11.15-12.30 in term time. As well as providing the A in StAks, the logo is inspired by the mount on which Jesus did much of his teaching;  the 3 tiers of purple represent the 3 age groups within StAks; the deepening shades going up the tiers reflect the children’s deepening faith as they move up through the age groups; as a mountain, it represents ‘climbing’ towards God; as a shape it points to God. The shape also conveys the importance of building on a firm foundation, Jesus, which is central to the children’s teaching programme.

For our teenage groups, the names haven’t changed, but each has been given a new identity:

Encounter for 10-14 years meets fortnightly on a Sunday evening. The logo is based on speech bubbles – the type that appear in text and WhatsApp messaging, and the ‘t’ is the St Andrew’s cross, linking the group to the wider St Andrew’s family.

Quest is for those in Years 9 and above. The logo is based on a map location marker and magnifying glass, signifying ‘searching’ and looking at things more deeply. Again, the ‘t’ is the St Andrew’s cross, showing that our young people are very much a part of the St Andrew’s family.

OY is our Oxshott Youth group for 10-14 year olds that meets every Friday in term time from 8-9.30pm. The paint splatter logo is influenced by some of the activities, such as painting and craft, which take place alongside table tennis, football, and outdoor games when the weather permits.

All of these groups are run by our Children’s and Youth Pastor, Josey Wisdom, and teams of experienced volunteer leaders. But the importance of the work they do is far more than just logos. It’s all about giving our young people a firm foundation for the many challenges and difficulties that influence them today, helping them to stand firm and be confident in what they believe.