Reflecting on Lent 2017

Lent is a time of reflection, when we remember Christ’s 40 days in the wilderness, and think about his journey from Palm Sunday when he entered Jerusalem, through Good Friday when he died on the cross, to Easter Day, the day of his glorious resurrection.

It is also a time to reflect on ourselves and our own Christian journey. Are we travelling as we should, and are we giving ourselves to God, as he would like?

During Lent this year, there were 6 ‘prayer stations’ set up in church, each under the banner of ‘Giving ourselves to God’, and each encouraging us to reflect on how we might do this – through our hands, our feet, our minds, our hearts and our behaviours. At each station, there were suggested Bible passages, prayers and reflective questions, to help us with our personal reflection and meditation.

Many individuals and some small groups came into the church during this period to spend time at the 6 prayer stations, including some who wished to find out more about what it is to be a Christian.

For all those who made a personal prayer journey, we hope that you felt the joy of meeting the risen Lord Jesus, and gave him thanks and praise for the new life we have in him.