New sermon series

The book of Acts in the New Testament was written by a medical doctor, Luke. He also wrote the gospel that bears his name, and both books come with an introduction as to how and why he wrote them.

He starts the book of Acts in the following words: ‘In the first book, 0 Theophilus, I have dealt with all that Jesus began to do and teach…’ (Theophilus is probably the wealthy commissioning agent who funded Luke’s conscientious research.)

The story of Acts begins where the gospel of Luke finishes. Jesus has been crucified, raised from the dead and ascended to the Father. That being so, the use of the words ‘Jesus began to do and teach’ suggests that the stories in Acts are stories of Jesus continuing to work and teach.

The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is nothing less than the coming of the Spirit of Jesus who continues his work in the lives of the Apostles.

But it is not only in the lives of the Apostles; Jesus is seen to be at work in ordinary women and men who, by hearing and believing the gospel message, share their faith. They do this in all sorts of ways, with the purpose of introducing others to encounter Jesus Christ. In each situation they are empowered by the Holy Spirit within.

During the summer months, St Andrew’s at 10 will focus on some of these ordinary people carrying on the work of Jesus in the power of the Spirit, often in undramatic ways.

Their example will encourage us to be extraordinary in ordinary ways.

  • 3 July – The Spirit comes to all followers of Christ Acts 1.1-11
  • 10 July – The Spirit interprets the old testament Acts 2.14-36
  • 17 July – The Spirit shows us what it means to be church Acts 2.37-47
  • 24 July – The Spirit explains the events of the cross Acts 3.11-26
  • 31 July – The Spirit gives courage to face opposition Acts 4.1-31
  • 7 Aug – The Spirit exposes hypocrisy in the church Acts 4.32-5.16
  • 14 Aug – The Spirit fills and uses the laity in the church Acts 6.1-7
  • 21 Aug – The Spirit inspires faithful witness Acts 6.5-7.60
  • 28 Aug – The Spirit applies the gospel to crowds and individuals Acts 8.4-8, 14-17, 26-40
  • 4 Sept – The Spirit changes instinctive prejudice Acts 9.10-31, Ananias & Barnabas; Acts 11.1-18, Peter & the Apostles