News from Pakistan

Open Theological Seminary & Sialkot Diocese – our Partners in Pakistan

Carl, our Treasurer is delighted this week that transfers to OTS in Pakistan have gone through smoothly! This comprised a further contribution to the OTS Compassion Campaign distributing food to 3,000 to the neediest families with the help of the local churches, plus £3,000, our full year commitment to OTS. This sum finances delivery of a lay training and discipleship programme.

Qaiser Julius, OTS Director writes: ‘I phoned Bishop Alvin who confirmed that the pastors of the Sialkot Diocese have also been affected significantly due to Covid-19. So we went to help the 28 pastors last Saturday through a Rural Pastors Support (RPS) program providing help of PKR 10,000, equivalent to 50 Sterling, to each pastor.’

As you pray for Pakistan it may help you to watch or listen to a Pakistan version of The Blessing, including some brief prayers over Pakistan in Urdu:

Thank God for:

  • OTS’ Rural Pastors Support program & also Bishop Andrew’s successful May Appeal to assist Sialkot with paying their clergy this year (to which we gave £1,000)
  • Timely conversations with Bishop Alwin last Saturday about the discipleship program

Please pray for:

  • The people and Church of Pakistan, so severely impacted in every way by Covid-19
  • All 28 pastors of Sialkot Diocese and their families, without income for many months
  • Revds Samsun Anjun & Asher Gill, who lead locally in the discipleship programme
  • Effective next steps in growing the discipleship programme in Sialkot Churches

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