Outward Giving 2016: ‘A New Approach’

At the turn of the year, the PCC reviewed the way St Andrew’s has historically handled its Outward Giving, and unanimously agreed to reduce the list of recipient charities, in order to be of greater significance to them. In making the decision, the small charities in great need of support were identified, as were those established charities with large budgets, where we felt the St Andrew’s contribution might be ‘a drop in the ocean’.

The outcome of a PCC vote led to the 2016 Outward Giving list as follows: B@titude, Cobham & Area Food Bank, Inspire London and Treasures in Heaven. In considering charities reaching further afield, Embrace the Middle East, Barnabas Fund and Novi Most secured the vote. In addition, St Andrew’s will continue to support three mission partners, namely, the Finnies in SA, the Waltons in Tanzania and the Hickeys, now based in the UK.

Reducing the number of recipients, whilst maintaining the proportion of the 2016 budget granted to Outward Giving, gives leeway to accommodate any charity that might be favoured by the new vicar. Furthermore, it will enable St Andrew’s to become a more active supporting partner, and have the capacity to get behind a specific project nominated by any of our charities and Mission Partners in the course of the year.

Your own generous giving continues to be much valued, and plays a vital role in making a real difference to the lives of so many people cared for by each of these charities. Thank you.

Liz & Jack de Wet Steyn