St Andrew’s Oxshott is open each day for all who would like to pray for the situation in Ukraine.

You may find these links and prayer helpful:

Loving God, we pray for the people of Ukraine, for all those suffering or afraid, that you will reveal yourself, your love, to them and protect them. We pray for every separated family, each city in fear, all soldiers and especially those fighting for freedom and their homes.We pray for world leaders, for compassion, strength and wisdom: Lord, guide their choices.

Prosper every attempt to bring practical help to those in need and protect those who deliver it.

May we, and many who do not yet believe, learn to walk in your ways, striving for peace and justice, for the people of Ukraine and wherever we are in the world. Amen

Toys for Ukraine

We are very happy to have found a way to get the remaining boxes of toys that were donated to the appeal for Ukraine to where they are needed. Around 30 boxes have now been transported to Fetcham, from where they will be taken to Poland and Ukraine.

THANK YOU to everyone who brought items to the church on Wednesday or Thursday – there was a constant stream of people bringing bags and boxes. Some donations also came from other local churches and schools.

Sadly, we ended up with a problem: there was so much donated that the original carrier was overwhelmed. Amazingly, a new Ukrainian link was found but they needed us to sort all the items before transporting them. Many locals (from the church and the community) responded to a call for volunteers on Friday and Saturday with the net result that by 3.30pm Saturday we had filled well over a hundred boxes (kindly supplied free for us by Farrer & Fenwick in Fetcham)!  THANK YOU to them and to all of you who came to help!

Three hours later, the van was loaded with all the goods (except the toys, which they had no outlet for and for which we will find a good home). The Ukrainian Christians who drove the van (Sergei, Micha and Slavik) took photos and prayed for Oxshott before driving off, which was a humbling experience. And, of course, we prayed for them and will continue to do so.

What an amazing few days, and what an amazing effort by the people of Oxshott! So many commented that they just wanted ‘to do something’ and frankly, it was a privilege to be able to join in, despite some aching muscles the next day.

Some of us were expecting to collect blankets and clothing this week. However, it seems that it is better at this point to send money via the DEC to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.