Sermon Series & Life Group Study

Ruth is one of those biblical stories which, once read, is not forgotten. As it is so short, can I encourage you to read and re-read it during this series?

This book concerns the lives of ordinary people, (principally, widowed women – among the poorest and least influential in their society) caught up in the big picture of Israel at the time of the Judges, over 1000 years before Jesus’ birth. We learn of a God who is ‘in the detail’ and a Moabite woman (Ruth) who finds faith in Him as she chooses to remain loyal to her Hebrew mother-in-law.

Ruth’s story is part of Jesus’ story too as King David is in direct descent from Ruth and of course from His line comes the Saviour of the world. In it we also find many themes which are relevant to us today, such as sadness and regret; choices (and consequences); redemption/reconciliation with God and loving kindness.

Do read it and follow the teaching on Sundays as well as perhaps joining a Life Group to study the passages with others.