St Andrew’s Quiet Weekend – an opportunity to receive from God

parish quiet weekend 2From the moment of arrival, the peace of St Cuthman’s enfolds us. The charm of the house, the colour of the flora in the grounds, the sun on the lake and the scent of wisteria merge to make this an idyllic place to spend a quiet weekend.

Jesus went into the hills where it was quiet to pray and there are many other examples of people in the Bible who, at different times, choose or find themselves in the quiet where God speaks to them. Whether we feel we are running on empty, we need to press the pause button, or we seek stimulation in spiritual guidance and time for reflection, a retreat weekend is where we can receive from God.

A group of nineteen from St Andrew’s past and present spent the weekend of 6th – 8th May at St Cuthman’s Retreat Centre. We were led by the Revd Iain McKillop, an Anglican priest, professional painter, art historian and curate, reflecting on the theme of the nature of God’s Kingdom and building it within ourselves, in the church, in our community and in our world whilst looking forward to our future kingdom.

The programme is devised to allow plenty of time in between talks to provide time for reflection. “Quiet” means that silence is valued, but is no strict taskmaster and gives us all time to focus without distraction and use all our senses to appreciate our surroundings.

If you might be thinking about attending all or part of a weekend such as this, please contact the parish office who will put you in touch with someone to talk to.

Katharine Crouch

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